Great American Road Trip 2072

Breaking in the System

Our first real session!

While refueling both car and body at a out of the way diner, Swifan and Renee get roped into an emergency job.  Tailypo calls them and tells them there's an SOS out for some nearby runners.  Swifan leaves in such a haste he tips the waitress 100 nuyen instead of 10.

While driving, Renee reviews the job posting.  They're to assist on another group of runners that called for backup in a local abandoned suburb.  Upon arriving, however, they discover that no backup is needed, as the entire team has been decimated. 

Swifan discovers the astral ghost of the shaman on the team, Sobreque, and learns that the team was slaughtered by an unknown assailant.  Sobreque tells them that their bodies, as well as the paydata that they were hired to extract, was taken by a cleanup crew that left shortly before our protagonists.

Upon tracking down the offices of the cleanup crew (Discrete Disposal LLC), Swifan realizes that the entire building is wrapped in dark juju.  A voice speaks out to Swifan, telling him that everything he's looking for is inside and that none of the employees will harm them.  After discussing with the voice for a while, Swifan realizes that the voice belongs to a toxic spirit, and he ends the discussion with shaking the spirit's hand.

Upon entering the building (Renee piloting his Doberman X20), they are led to the basement incinerator, a giant room filled with corpses ready for disposal.  It's also home to two ghouls.  Renee recovers the paydata from the head of the dead team's hacker, and Swifan recovers a trinket belonging to Sobreque, and then they both high tale it out of there.


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